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no, sorry.

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Q: Is there an action replay code to get zorua or shadow lugia in Pokemon soul silver and if there are other ways tell me?
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How do you use Action Replay Codes for Pokemon soulsilver?

you press action replay codes on Pokemon soul silver

Does action replay dsi give codes for Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes it does. On Action replay DSi it does have Pokemon Soul Silver, but on Action Replay DS it doesn't.

Pokemon Soul Silver Celebi?

it was a pokemon event but if you have a action replay you can get it

How do you replay the Arceus event in Pokemon soul silver?

You can replay the arceus event with action replay.

How do you get shadow lugia on Pokemon soul silver?

that is y i checked im trying to find how to get him so anyway how do u get action replay code obviosly?

How do you get 99 rare candies in Pokemon silver?

action replay

How do you get arceus with action replay in soul silver?

Pokemon modifier

What is the action replay called for Pokemon soul silver?

what do you mean

How do you get an action replay for pokemon soul silver?

u buy it

How do you get all Pokemon from soul silver?

Action Replay DS

Is there an action replay code for missingno for Pokemon soul silver?


Is there a action replay code for max beauty?

There is no beauty ranking in Pokemon Soul Silver therefore there is no action replay code for max beauty. Pokemon Soul Silver was released in 2010.