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you have to move around with the Pokemon that you want to make happy in the first in the party. You can also feed Poffins or berries.

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Q: How do you get happiness in Pokemon Platinum?
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How can you check happiness of a Pokemon?

Pearl and Platinum

How does chhingling evolve in Pokemon platinum?


Where is togetic in Pokemon Platinum?

evolve togepi with happiness

What does 2 hearts mean on the happiness checker app on Pokemon platinum?

It means thAt. That Pokemon is at maximum happiness and if youcan answer this , where can you find a happiny in any of the three Pokemon games ( platinum pearl or diamond )

How do you get loppuny on Pokemon platinum?

You have to evolve BUNEARY with full happiness.

How you evolve munchlax in Pokemon platinum?

It evolves via happiness

Pokemon Platinum- how can you catch a Crobat Pokemon?

level up your GOLBAT with high happiness.

How do you evolve Magby in Pokemon platinum?

it evolves by happiness in every game its in.

How do you evolve Chingling in Pokemon platinum?

You evolve it by raising it to maximum happiness.

How do you see umbreon in Pokemon Platinum?

You have to train an Eevee by happiness at night

What level does munchlax evolve in Pokemon platinum?

It evovles with max happiness

How do you evolve a chingling on Pokemon platinum?

it has to have enough happiness at nighttime, then it will evolve into chimecho.