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sadly no, it would make your lives a whole lot easier though!, but you have to do every single Pokemon modifier code to do this, happy catching!

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Q: Is there an AR code for Pokemon Platinum to have all 493 Pokemon?
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Is there an Action replay codes for all Pokemon in platinum?

No i wish there was buuuttttttttttttt!! there is a code for ALL!! AND I MEAN ALL! 210 Pokemon for the pokedex and!!! PLUS!!! ALL!!! 493!!! Pokemon for the nationdex!!! :D or i think there is a code for all Pokemon in platinum? maybbbeee?? well i have all 493 Pokemon from my action reply dsi

What is the code to get regirock regice and registeel in platinum?

i have all 493 Pokemon for Pokemon platinum. message me at and tell me what Pokemon you want n ill trade with you for free.

What are all the Pokemon on platinum?

There are 493 and I am not going to list them all here!

How do you get all 493 Pokemon in platinum?

the easiest way is to hack.

What happens after you get all 493 Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

nothing............. you just caught all the Pokemon congratulations

Pokemon platinum cheat for all 493 Pokemon?

To get all 493 Pokemon you simply need to get all sinnoh Pokemon and beat the elite 4 and retreive the national dex from prof. Rowan

List of PokΓ©mon in PokΓ©mon platinum?

Check on the pokedex. All 493 Pokemon are catchable in Platinum.

What is the code for all Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

there is no code.

How do you catch all 493 Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

You can use action replay to get the complete pokedex cheat, but you won't get all of the pokemon.

Which versions you have to play to get all 493 Pokemon?

Pokemon Diamond,Pokemon Pearl,pokemon platinum,pokemon heart gold and soulsilver.

How do you get the code for how to get all Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

there is no code. you just gotta catch em all. though if you have an action replay there is a way to do it. get the Pokemon modifier code. don't toss any balls.go into the grass and when you run into arceus use on of the 493 pokeballs. and if u do it right after the battle ends check your bag and if it says you have 492 balls left then you can get all 493 Pokemon by running into the grass and repeating the steps.

Is there a code to get all the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?


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