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you can go to all the regions but the bad side is you must beat your rival 2000-2700 to get all of the regions

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Q: Does Pokemon platinum have all region and 493 Pokemon mixed into on game?
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Can you go to Kanto region in pokemon platinum?

No. You can migrate Kanto Pokemon to your Platinum or catch some in the wild, but you cannot access one region from a game set in another region.

Where is be n the game Pokemon platinum?

Not quite sure what you mean. But it is the sinnoh region.

The reggies r not there on your Pokemon platinum game?

The 3 reggies are not in platinum they are only in the hoenn region unless you use cheats.

What DS game has the Sinnoh region?

The Sinnoh region was one of the Pokemon regions. Sinnoh took place in all 3 of these games: Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

What is Pokemon Platinum?

Its the sequel of diamond and pearl. Its the same region but it has addition things like walking on walls and distortion-like things.

How do you change language on Pokemon platinum?

You need a different region's game or to change your DS settings.

What is Pokemon Platinum version about?

Pokemon Platinum is just the 3rd generation of Sinnoh, just like Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Emerald and now Pokemon Platinum is just a re-playing of the series, but more things to do, rumor has it that Platinum is a multi-region game that MAY let you access the Johto Region. However it has NOT BEEN CONFIRMED yet if it can access Johto, since it is a rumor.

How do you know its platinum?

its easy to tell which one is platinum because platinum is the only Pokemon game so far that is the sinnoh region, yet it has every Pokemon... almost... ever made that you can catch without cheating.

How do you download a pokemon Game Boy game on to Pokemon Platinum?

It is impossible to download a game-boy game onto Pokemon platinum

What is the Game ID for Pokemon platinum?

USA Pokemon Platinum : CPUE-D074D1B3

What is better Pokemon Platinum or Pokemon Battle Revolution?

In my opinion, Pokemon Platinum is the better game.

How can you catch a treeco in platinum?

Treecko is a Hoenn region Pokemon. You cannot catch him in Platinum because it is the Sinnoh region. The only way to get the Treecko is if you have the game Pokemon Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire and when you beat Platinum, you go to the Pal Park which is located at the south of Sandgem town and then to the east. When the Pal Park is open, just save the game and turn off your DS. Put your Pokemon Ruby Sapphire or Emerald cartridge into your DS and start your game. When you are at your Game menu, find: "Migrate from [Game Cartidge name]". You need 6 Pokemon to migrate, find your Treecko and enjoy!