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i think vanderturf town REAL PROPER ANSWER- its- u no. outside the woods next to the berrys.

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Q: Where is the flower shop on pokemon emarald?
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How do you get a bike on pokemon emarald?

go to the mauville city bike shop!

Where to get the watering can in Pokemon HeartGold?

in the flower shop in cherrygrove...i think... but it is in a flower shop

What Pokemon has 3 hp?

a wingull that you can find in pokemon emarald

In Pokemon emerald where is the rustboro flower shop?

The Flower Shop is south of Rustboro city

How much does a pokemon emarald cost?

about $30

Where to find the flower shop shopkeeper in Pokemon ruby?

it is by Petaburg

In Pokemon HeartGold where is the flower shop?

The flower shop is in the Northern part of Goldenrod next to the gym.

Can you fly to the moon in pokemon emarald?

yes u can

Where is Goldenrod Flower Shop in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The Flower Shop is in the top right hand corner of the city.

Where is the lady at the flower shop on Pokemon SoulSilver?

the shop is in goldenrod city.

How do you get all starters in pokemon emarald?

By trading with other games.

How do you got the Pokemon deoxsis in Pokemon Diamond?

Transfer from Emarald or use action replay.