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26 ultra balls and about 10 dusk balls with lvl 65+ pokemon

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Q: What ball do you use to catch Giratina?
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How do you catch Giratina without master ball?

Use a dusk ball instead during the nighttime.

In Pokemon platinum which pokeball do you use to catch Giratina?

use amaster ball or an ultra ball(I think premier ball also works)

How do you get one master ball in platinum?

Defeat team galactic then use it to catch giratina :)

Easy way to catch Giratina without master ball?

get him down to low healt then use an ultra ball

How do you catch Giratina easily?

Master ball

What is the easiest way to catch Giratina on Pokemon diamond?

If you havn't used you marster ball yet use it

How do you catch a Giratina without any kind of poke ball?

you cant you need to use some kind of pokeball

How do you catch Giratina in Distortion World?

if you dont have a master ball, use dusk balls at very low HP

Which Pokemon should you use to catch with the master ball?

I always go for Giratina but you can use it on whoever you want, mostly legendaries though.

What do I do if Giratina is too hard to catch?

Its always too hard to catch. But you can use a Master Ball right away or a Quick Ball. Occasionally, if its weakened, you can throw a lucky Poke ball at it. That's how I got my Dialga!

Which Pokemon should you used the masterball on?

You can use it on giratina, but, you can catch him with adusk ball.... so probably on dialga or palkia u shouldn't use ur master ball on dialga and palkia because they got a catch rate of a chatot

What is the best ball to catch Garatina in Pokemon pearl?

The best ball to catch Giratina is the Master Ball but the next best and effective options would be the Dusk Ball or the Ultra Ball.