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Either, master ball, (if you haven't used yours givin to you by professer rowan) ultra ball, or timer ball.

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Q: What is the best ball to catch Giratina in Pokemon platinum?
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In Pokemon platinum which pokeball do you use to catch Giratina?

use amaster ball or an ultra ball(I think premier ball also works)

What ball should you catch Giratina with on Pokemon platinum?

Well i caught it in a ultra ball it only took like 30 of them to capture him and i caught palkia straight away with a net ball so oyu should capture giratina in a ultra ball

How do you get one master ball in platinum?

Defeat team galactic then use it to catch giratina :)

Which Pokemon ball is best to catch a psychic Pokemon in platinum?

master ball

In Pokemon platinum can you catch trainers Pokemon with a master ball?


How do you get Giratina in Pokemon Platinum?

You go to the torn world later in the game.use your master ball because u can catch it in one go or with a dusk ball by lowerring it's hp on orang or red.

What do you do after you catch heatran?

Go to spring path and catch Giratina!!!!!! Actually, this person ^ said to catch Giratina. Well, I caught Giratina when I went to the Distortion World for the first time with my master ball from Cyrus. I don't know what to do either, maybe we should try some site that has Pokemon Platinum Version walkthroughs. Agree?

How do you catch griatina in Pokemon platinum?

with a master ball or timer ball

How do you get dusk balls on Pokemon Platinum?

You can buy dusk balls in Pokemon platinum at Celestic Town, Pastoria City, Solaceon Town And In the Pokemon League Mart. It costs $1000 per Ball but it is worth buying if you want to catch Giratina, Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie........

How do you catch mesirit on Pokemon platinum?

with a master ball

Can you catch latios in Pokemon Platinum?

Master Ball.

Do you need a masterball to catch Giratina?

no. i own Pokemon diamond and i caught it in a great ball.