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Q: In Pokemon platinum can you catch trainers Pokemon with a master ball?
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Can you catch an elite four Pokemon in platinum?

only if you have the catch trainers Pokemon code

How do you see every Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

battle trainers or catch the Pokemon

Can you catch red's Pokemon with a master ball?

You cant catch any trainers Pokemon

How do you catch trainers Pokemon?

You can't steal Pokemon however in Pokemon colosseum and Pokemon xd gale of darkness you can snag shadow Pokemon from trainers.

How do you catch mesirit on Pokemon platinum?

with a master ball

Can you catch latios in Pokemon Platinum?

Master Ball.

Is it possible to catch a trainers Pokemon with a master ball?

No, unless you are using hacks

Which Pokemon ball is best to catch a psychic Pokemon in platinum?

master ball

Are there any trainers in platinum that have starter Pokemon from the other regions in platinum?

I don't think so but check victory road. Y do you need them anyway? you cant catch trainers Pokemon unless you have an action replay

How do you catch azelf easily in Pokemon platinum?

Use your master ball.

How do you catch griatina in Pokemon platinum?

with a master ball or timer ball

How do you catchother trainers Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

You can only do that by buying an action replay and entering a code titled "Catch trainers pokemon" so yes it can be done but only by methods of cheating.