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To find good minecraft servers check out "Planet Minecraft" is you look under "Servers" you can hit "Top rated!" for the best of the best. But I personally recommend PabiCarft. It is the only server I ever play on. The ip is:

And its website is:

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Q: What are some good Minecraft servers?
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Any good servers for Minecraft 1.6.6?

No, there is not any good servers for Minecraft 1.6.6. In fact, there are no more 1.6.6 servers at all. There are only updated servers. My recamendation is for you to update minecraft. All of the servers, or the most active, always update.

What are some mine craft adventure multiplayer servers?

There are some good ones at minecraft forums

What Are Good Minecraft Servers For Build Battles?


What are some servers for minecraft?


What are good Minecraft survival servers?

Check on websites such as planet minecraft or other sources to find the latest survival servers that have been pinged and work.

What are some of the most amazing minecraft servers ever?

Notches other minecraft creators ones minecraft experts and there are too many but another good one is good games spawn points server.

Are there any good minecraft servers?

yes join

What are some external servers on Minecraft PE?

Fish server

Were to find a server?

you can google 'minecraft server lists' and it should come up with some good servers. I've put two servers lists I use in the related links

Can you use cheat pack on minecraft servers?

I wouldn't, as some servers say that they will ban you if you use cheats.

Can you lock your chests in Minecraft 1.5.2?

No. You can only do it with some mods, and some servers have plugins that allow you to as well, but you can not do it in vanilla minecraft.

What is the IP code for multiplayer Minecraft?

That depends. Many servers have their own ip address. Some servers work on hamachi, which has a totally different type of ip address. Each Minecraft server ip is different, but you can find different servers on any website or make your own with port forwarding or hamachi. For general multiplayer servers just type in 'Minecraft Multiplayer servers' and you should come up with many websites with tons of good servers to try out! Happy Playing! ;)