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You go on minecraft Classic and click on Multiplayer. A good server is Team 9000 Free Build.

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Q: How can you get a free Minecraft with servers?
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Is it free to run a Minecraft classic server?

You do not need to own Minecraft to host servers for it.

Are the any minecraft cracked servers with free op?


Is there any servers for minecraft that give you free op?


How do you play Minecraft free?

search minecraftsp in google and download it its free minecraft but some multiplayer servers dont work

What are free Minecraft servers?

At least 98% of all Minecraft servers are free. Classic Minecraft is always free and does not require you to buy and download the full version of the game. However it has limited abilities and blocks compared to the full version. Minecraft creative and Minecraft survival require you to buy the full version. Once you have bought the full version, full version servers are completely free. See the related links below for more information.

What is the name and IP of some Minecraft Creative free-build servers?

The VoxelBox

Are there any free minecraft building servers?

Yes Minecraftmonkeysworld @

How do you become admin on minecraft for free?

No, people do not give out admin for free on servers to any random stranger

Can you get in trouble from playing on a server without filling out an application in minecraft?

Classic Servers: Classic servers are free for all to play. Creative/Survival/Hardcore: Many of these servers require you to fill in an application in the servers "official" thread on the Minecraft forum. Most of the time, servers are "whitelisted". Which means you cannot access the server unless your application has been approved. You will be automatically kicked by the server if it does not recognise your name. Some servers are not whitelisted and are free for anybody to join on condition that you follow the server rules. Take a look at the Minecraft forums to see which servers require you to apply or which are free for anybody to join.

Are there any other types of free servers on Minecraft other than Bukkit and Hamachi?


What are the free versions of Minecraft?

Minecraft Classic is the only one. Though it is crap and all you can do is place a few blocks and play on crap servers

Is tekkit free download?

INDUBITABLY! I have had Tekkit for a few months, and its awesome and legit. PS- Look for servers by searching- Tekkit Servers in Google