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No, people do not give out admin for free on servers to any random stranger

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Q: How do you become admin on minecraft for free?
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How do you be admin on any minecraft server without paying for it?

You become an admin when a current admin lets you be one, so I would suggest asking nicely.

How do you become an admin on your own Minecraft server?

go to the server window that opens when you run the .exe or .bat file. Then type "op [username]" and you become an admin

How do you be an Minecraft admin?

a minecraft admin is only an admin for the specific server they are on and to become an admin you must be respectful and play on the server allot to get in good favor with the server owner then he might grant you admin abilities of that server or you can create your own server which of you don't know what an admin is you prob cant figure it out no offense but yes you don't get admin on every server just on that server that you're granted admin on and dont ask for admin of you will be a long way from being admin!

What is an admin on Minecraft smp?

An admin is a administrator of a Minecraft Server. They are of a higher rank than Moderators.

How can you make yourself admin on your minecraft server?

There is no direct way to become admin. alass the popoular belief of force OP is not possible. the only way to become admin is to show your loyalty to a server and try to be a good player on the server an eventually you may be able to convince the owner to make you an admin.

How do you make your self a admin on your minecraft server?

Well that is quite illegal, first you have to hack the admin's computer, then hack into C; drive. then find the minecraft server file which says admin, then write your name and get out of there. Or just ask the admin to admin you

Can you become a Stardoll admin?

Yes, you can become a Stardoll admin.

How do you get unbanned in minecraft?

a server admin needs to pardon you

How do you be OP or admin on Minecraft?

The Admin is the owner of the server. The OP is a rank the server Admin gives you. EX: /op myminecraftname /deop myminecraftname

How do you become a member in monkey quest for free?

I'm sorry. But this is in the wrong category. Anyways, it's impossible to become one for free. Sincerely, A Wiki Admin

How do you become an admin on YoVille?

You can not become an admin unless you apply for a job at zynga.

How do have access to the server console of minecraft?

You need to be an admin or an op