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try searching minecraft sites.

not basic information sites.

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Q: Is there any really good minecraft faction servers looking for an admin?
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What are some really cool pvp and building servers in minecraft?

A really cool server for minecraft is

What is a really good creative server in minecraft? creative servers at

What are some ip of servers on Minecraft?

There are lots of sites that give many IP for Minecraft servers. One really good one is Minecraft Servers. Another interesting site is Planet Minecraft. ^ terrible answer more like an add if you ask me but i think the best way is too just google it or maybe even go on youtube type in the beta or type of minecraft you play (1.2.4 for current ) then go to more options and click uploaded most recent well thats what i do i would my server IP but i dont think anyone would care so no.

Is there a cheat to get bones on Minecraft?

It really depends on the server. In some Minecraft servers you can use duplication methods to gain unobtainable items (if bones or bonemeal really is an unobtainable item) while others either don't have any or you have to collect them yourself by killing skeletons.

What are multiplayer servers that you can go on in minecraft?

There is a awesome one called BrotherCraft (Creative), but you have to buy the blocks and items. I got banned for no reason :( i really liked it.

Where can people find information on exchange servers?

Microsoft exchange servers are really good, so to get more information about that product, you should try going to the Microsoft website and looking on there.

What are the name and IP of some Minecraft Creative free build servers?

I only know one, but it is really cool :D IP: Join now! :D

Is there a minecraft server which has vechs super hostile?

I really dont know i was looking for an answer to the same question but i couldn't find anything. Good luck

What are minerals found in limestone?

Really,I think you should play minecraft.

Are you sad if you play Minecraft?

No I play minecraft, and it is really fun, do you have any tips?

Will minecraft make you dumber?

Not really.

Are there any Minecraft serverd purely sdk?

SDK isn't even updated yet, and also the only servers that are pure sdk should be private ones. You should try and make your own server. This doesn't really go on wiki answers.