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minecraft IS on the Kindle Fire if you really want to download it.

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Q: Is there a game like Minecraft for the Kindle Fire?
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Is there a game like Eden or Minecraft for the Kindle Fire?


Can you get the 999.999.999 on the kindle fire hd for injustice gods among us?

In the game injustice gods among us can u get $999.999.999 on the kindle fire like the others iPod iPods phones can.

Do you get your money back if you delete a game on kindle fire HDX?

You may be able to return a Kindle ebook to Amazon in something like one week after you downloaded it.

Does the Kindle have any game apps on it?

. Yes. You can only buy apps on the kindle store or amazon. You can't buy apps like Angry Birds or Temple Run, but I have the kindle touch and I can only buy games like Every Word: crossings. Good luck!

Is A Kindle Fire Like A Computar?


Should you get a Kindle Fire?

Well that depends on your needs technical wise, of course. So if you like small and convienient get the kindle fire, if you like big and bulky but handy get the ipad.

What is better a Kindle Fire hd or a 3ds XL?

if you like to read then go strait to gaming the kindle fire is the system for you unless you are only interested in gaming

Can you get apps on a Kindle Fire?

On the kindle you can ! you cant get every app like the apple like for example you can get facebook,myspace,twitter and draw something.

What is the closest thing to Minecraft?

A game called Eden it is a game like minecraft except you play like in creative mode in minecraft

Which is better the free e reader or kindle fire?

It looks like the Kindle Fire is the most flexible option. The Nook Book from Barnes and Nobel is better just for reading. If you want to listen to music and do other things the Kindle Fire is the better choice.

How do you change the lock screen on the kindle fire 7 hd?

you cant it is nothing like an ipad but if you dont like your kindle fire please send to the address of 711 north eighth street in camden and it is for a kevin

Can a Kindle Fire video tap?

no its only games books and stuff like that