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there's a game called Roblox, but minecraft is better

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Q: What are some games like minecraft free online?
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Are there any games like minecraft free and online?

There are plenty of games like minecraft for free, like infiniminer and manic digger.

Is there games like cubelands?

minecraft is the best answer you can play free at you can also buy the game and get more from it but other then that minecraft is the best answer all the rest like manic digger are just copy's of minecraft and are not that good minecraft is the best one minecraft is online multiplayer its even multiplayer on free version

What are some good free online games like Team Fortress 2?

Some fun online games for free, similar to Team Fortress 2, are Minecraft, League of Legends, and Ghost Recon. Another free game that is popular is Battlefield Play4free. Planetside 2 by Sony is free and well liked by gamers.

Is a games like minecraft account free?

You can get a free Minecraft account, but you need to pay to upgrade it to a premium one before you can play the full game.

Are there any games like Minecraft Online?

There are many games like minecraft available on the internet, try out any of these:Terrraria (2d minecraft available via steam)BlocklandRoblox (teen focused)CubelandsFortressCraft (focused more on battling other players)

Free online building games like Roblox?

While there is no other free game like Roblox, there are other games that involve building and a block world. One of these games is Blockland, which is like Roblox but costs $20 to play. There is also a game called Minecraft which costs $15-$20 and is like a Roblox except it is a build-to-survive only game.

Are there any games like roblox free where you can build it can be a download game?

No, there are no other free games like Roblox. There are games like Roblox, but they are pay to play. One of these games is Blockland which costs $20. Another game is Minecraft, which is $15.

Building better than roblox blocks What are games like roblox and its free?

blockland and minecraft

What are the free online games like Jeopardy? is a link to the jeopardy game. It is downloadable and completely free. If you wish to play online, then has it.

Are their any other games Like ROBLOX and Blockland and are Free?

No, there are no other games like Roblox or Blockland that are free. There is one other game like them called Minecraft. This game cost $15 however.

Where can you get free building games online?

There are many free building games online. If you like Lego, Brick building style games check out Roblox in the related links.

Are there any free downloadable games that we can play online?

You can play most games free online. However, if you would like to download and play free games, there are several options. Flash-based games are most popular for downloading. Try websites like, and