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The Kindle fire has apps.

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Yes, the latest Kindle models such as the Kindle Paperwhite do offer some apps like Goodreads and Audible. However, the selection is limited compared to tablets like the Kindle Fire.

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Q: Does the new Kindle have apps?
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Can you download apps using a kindle?

Yes you can buy apps they are from Android so they are pretty decent

What are some of the apps on a Kindle?

Most apps which are on the kindle are usually on the android or the apple store.

Can the Kindle get apps?

Only the Kindle Fire can get apps, I have one myself and I get apps all the time, same with all my games.

How many apps can you get on the Kindle Fire?

According to the recent commercials in July 2012, you can get the Optimum app on the Kindle Fire.

Does the Kindle have any game apps on it?

. Yes. You can only buy apps on the kindle store or amazon. You can't buy apps like Angry Birds or Temple Run, but I have the kindle touch and I can only buy games like Every Word: crossings. Good luck!

Can you get apps on a kindle touch?


Is there American girl apps for Kindle Fire?

There is not an app on the kindle fire, however the ipads and iphones have a variety of american girl apps

What apps can you play on Kindle Fire?

I have a Kindle Fire myself! If you go to apps in the right hand corner, you then you click store also in the right hand corner you will find tons of apps!

Can the kindle 3g plus wifi download any apps?

apple apps NO

Can the Kindle touch download apps?


Can the Kindle Fire use apple apps?


How do you get apps on a Kindle Fire?

download or buy them