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Q: Are the any minecraft cracked servers with free op?
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Are their any minecraft servers that have skyblock with nether enabled that are cracked?

Yes. There are minecraft servers that have skyblock with nether enabled that are cracked.

Is there any servers for minecraft that give you free op?


Why wont any servers work?

You probs have Cracked Minecraft. I have the same version, but a server that will work is Try that.

Are there any free minecraft building servers?

Yes Minecraftmonkeysworld @

How do you become admin on minecraft for free?

No, people do not give out admin for free on servers to any random stranger

Are there any other types of free servers on Minecraft other than Bukkit and Hamachi?


Is there any Cracked Terrafirmacraft servers?

Any good servers for Minecraft 1.6.6?

No, there is not any good servers for Minecraft 1.6.6. In fact, there are no more 1.6.6 servers at all. There are only updated servers. My recamendation is for you to update minecraft. All of the servers, or the most active, always update.

Can minecraft cracked players play on verygames servers?

if you mean 'every games servers' then no you cannot. put type in cracked minecraft <insert vesion here> and you will find a couple of hundred servers. BTW if you want to play 4 player on minecraft 1.2.5 cracked (if you or a mate have a server) then email me and ill play aswell (yep, i am VERY bored) and if you have any other questions, email me (if you email me and your not the person i want to email me then haha, it dont have my personal details LOL)

Are there any minecraft servers that give away ranks for free?

I highly doubt there are any public servers that give ranks out free, I give ranks out freely to people who play on my server... but it's private.

Does Mine craft have any viruses?

No, Minecraft does not have any Virueses if you are downloading it from the Offical Minecraft wedsite. If you are downloading a Cracked version (Free version) then there is a 80% chance of it being a virus.

How much does Minecraft mods cost?

up to this point, i've never heard of mods costing any money? they're all free, as long as you have minecraft installed (which you can also get cracked for free)

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