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I wouldn't, as some servers say that they will ban you if you use cheats.

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Q: Can you use cheat pack on minecraft servers?
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What Minecraft texture pack do the yogscast use in Minecraft?


What is the yogcasts texture pack on Minecraft?

They use Dokucraft and you can download that on the Minecraft Forums

How do you use texure packs for Minecraft?

You download a texture pack, drag it into your texture pack folder, and then select it through Minecraft.

How do you claim land on Minecraft?

In minecraft survival you can just take any land but in servers you might have to use commands.

How do you use cheat engine on minecraft?

You can,t dumbo

Is there a cheat to get bones on Minecraft?

It really depends on the server. In some Minecraft servers you can use duplication methods to gain unobtainable items (if bones or bonemeal really is an unobtainable item) while others either don't have any or you have to collect them yourself by killing skeletons.

Why cant you use colorful signs on minecraft multiplayer servers?

Nobody knows.

How do you make a 32x32 or better texture pack for minecraft?

Use MCPatcher

What texture pack does ihascupquake use for minecraft oasis?

Goatsee craft

What is the cheat for a jet pack on grand theft auto vice city stories for psp?

There is no cheat for a jet pack in the game.You cannot even use a jet pack as the developer haven't provided an jet pack in the game.

Who do you get Habbo Hotel in your process list on cheat engine 5.5?

You cannot use cheat engine on Habbo. Their servers are too encrypted for this process.

What is the texture pack that chimmnyswift use in the minecraft files?

He Uses Shpax PureBDCraft