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There are no good servers to grief. Especially in 1.4.2. Griefing is for rookies.

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Q: What are good minecraft server ips to grief?
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What are cool server ips for Minecraft?

Here is one AWESOME ONE

How do you get on servers on Minecraft?

You just need to get the server IP, then on your minecraft main menu go to Multiplayer>Direct Connect And enter the IP Check out the official minecraft forums for server ips depending on the type of server you want to play on.

What are ips used for in minecraft?

To play on multiplayer servers.

What are server IPs?

It is an IP that allows the server to communicate with other networks that are connected to it and to allow it to communicate with the network that it is connected to.

What type of server resloves fully qualified domain nams to ip address?

A DNS (Domain Name Server) can link a domain to a number of IP addresses. Multiple IPs can be made available in case one server goes down. Domain IPs *,,

How can I create multi ip domain?

You have to have server type OS. Almost any server OS can have multi IPs but in different subnets. Try to play with Gateway role in Manage your server.

Which mechanisms could you use to resolve a host name into its associated IP address?

A DNS is used to convert Host Names into IPs and IPs into host names. (DNS = Domain Name Server).

What is the ability to respond to multiple IPs or names as if the server were multiple servers called?

It is called virtual hosts, and it is supported by Apache.

How do you make a minecraft multiplayer sever without hamachi?

port forwarding. trust me, stick to hamachi. its a hell of a lot eaiser If you make one then join mine, it is better Server ID: bluexephoes#2 Server Password: blue IP:

How many IP address does a remote access server lease from a DHCP server at one time?

NONE because server is always assigned static IP address. server can have as many IPs as many network cards usually 2 are assigned one for normal working and one for ILO in case of emergency

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