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This is an opinion based question, as the "best" move can depend on many factors like prior set-up or power. Cross Chop would be Primeape's strongest move to be learned by leveling up due to it's 100 power, but it's accuracy is only 80%.

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Q: What are primeape's best moves for Pokemon FireRed?
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What is the best hm slave for FireRed?

Well not every Pokemon can learn all the hm moves, try tropius.

Who is the best starter pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Three of them is the best. But the onnly thing you should know is: Their Moves. It is important to teach them TM/HM Because If you choose the wrong TM/HM your Pokemon will eventually become weak.

Who is the best Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

depends what level

What is the best Pokemon to start out with on FireRed?

Bulbusaur and the reason why is because the first 2 gym leaders can be easily defeated by grass moves and bulbusaur is a grass type that can learn grass moves.

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Where do you can catch best fire Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

You can catch Moltres at Mt. Ember Peak in FireRed.

What Pokemon is the best Pokemon to start with in Pokemon firered?

THE yellow pokemon :) lol

Where is the trainer who has best Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

If you train your pokemon or use cheats you can be the best trainer.

What evolution of Evie is the best in Pokemon FireRed?

Physically Vaporeon has the best Power and the strongest moves,but depending on your team Vaporeon may not be the best choice for you. If you need any more help with this message me.

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What are opinions on the best Pokemon on FireRed?

the best Pokemon in fire red is lugiaAnswerthe best Pokemon in fire red is lugia

The best Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no "best" Pokemon because every Pokemon has its own weaknesses and strengths against other types of Pokemon,