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there all exactly the same

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Q: What Pokemon does the lady who perfected the best move in Pokemon firered?
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What Pokemon do you show to the lady on 2 island in Firered?

a blastoise because she teaches it hydro pump which is the best move ever!!

Where do you get vs seeker Pokemon FireRed?

At the pokemon center in vermilion city. Talk to a lady with blue hair in a ponytail.

Where do you get the officer a drink in Pokemon FireRed?

You get it from an old lady who is on an apartment building in celadon city.

Where do you find the tea in Pokemon FireRed?

In Celadon mansion, there's an old lady there that gives it to you.

How do you catch tea on Pokemon FireRed?

old lady in the city with big storeyou can get tea in cleadon city near the Pokemon centre

Where is the lady who has the tea in Pokemon FireRed?

In the bottom floor of the Celadon Mansion.

On Pokemon firered how do you get past the boxes in the old ladys house?

There is an old lady's house in Pokemon FireRed that has some boxes you can get past. The only way to get past them is to use the E reader hardware device.

Where do you get the water for the guards in Pokemon FireRed?

It is not water it is tea and you get it by going to celadon city and getting it from a old lady

How do you copy Pokemon in Pokemon firered?

Go to the battle tower, deposit the Pokemon you want to clone, save, withdraw, talk to the lady, turn your game off, and then, TADA!

How do you get coffe in Pokemon FireRed?

You mean tea? Talk to an old lady in one of the northern houses of Celadon City.

Were do you get Togepi on Pokemon FireRed?

you can fined a lady some were who will trade a sandshrew for hers sorry but i cant reamember were but i will fined out and get back to this

Where would you find selphy on pokemon firered?

Lady Selphy is a rich girl in Pokémon FireRed. You can battle her in the Lost Cave area. After you defeat her she goes back to her house.