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In the bottom floor of the Celadon Mansion.

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She is in the celadon mansion which is next to celadon city's Pokemon center.

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Q: Where is the lady who has the tea in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you catch tea on Pokemon FireRed?

old lady in the city with big storeyou can get tea in cleadon city near the Pokemon centre

Where do you find the tea in Pokemon FireRed?

In Celadon mansion, there's an old lady there that gives it to you.

Where do you get the water for the guards in Pokemon FireRed?

It is not water it is tea and you get it by going to celadon city and getting it from a old lady

Where do you get the hot tea in Pokemon FireRed?

In Celadon City you need to go into the Celadon Mansion (Front Door) and talk to the little old lady babysitting the Pokemon she will give you the tea

How do you get coffe in Pokemon FireRed?

You mean tea? Talk to an old lady in one of the northern houses of Celadon City.

Where to get the tea in Pokemon FireRed?

Go to Celadon city and enter the Celadon Mansion. On the first floor of the mansion, there should be an old lady who will give you tea.

How do you get pass the security in Pokemon FireRed?

In celadon city there's a lady in the celadon mansion who will give you TEA if you share the TEA with the security guard he will let you pass.

How do you get the green tea on firered?

go to celadon city and enter the celadon mansion it has a sign near it then talk to the old lady near the Pokemon in the mansion she will give you the tea.

Where do you get tea in Pokemon FireRed?

first a fall go to celadon city and go inside the celadon mansion then you see a lady sitting left side in aroom with some Pokemon go and talk to her and she gave you the tea in Pokemon fire red

How to get to the sixth gym Pokemon FireRed?

go to celadon city and go in every building until you find the old lady with a lot of Pokemon talk to the lady and she will give you tea. give the tea to the guard in the passage to saffron and you can move on. you have to have the other five badges to fight the gym leader

Revolutionary Tea who was the old lady?

Well in Firered there was an old lady in a mansion in Celadon City and she gives you tea to give to the thirsty guards.

Where is the move tutor in Pokemon FireRed Omega?

celadon in building with tea