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There are several types that work well against Rock-Types. Water and Grass are the most commonly used against them, but Fighting pokemon, Ice and Steel works as well.

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Q: What Pokemon works best against a rock Pokemon?
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What type works best against psychic Pokemon?

There are 3 types that work best against psychic Pokemon: Bug,Rock,Ghost, and Dark.

What is the best counter to electric Pokemon?

the best Pokemon to use against electric Pokemon is ground/rock Pokemon.

How do you beat blaine in Pokemon HeartGold?

If you have a Pokemon that has a rock type move, then you can easily win. Rock slide works the best.

What kind of Pokemon is strong against rock Pokemon?

Grass and water are best, as is ground.

What type of Pokemon is best against honchcrow?

electric, ice, rock

What is effective to electric type pokemon?

Normal type pokemon are best and rock type pokemon also.Electric attacks against rock type pokemon become ineffective.

What Pokemon do you need to beat burgh in Pokemon black?

Its good to use whatever Pokemon you bond with best. But I suggest you use a Rock type Pokemon, or a fire type. You can catch a Darkaruma (spelling?) in the Desert Resort, which works well against Burgh's Leavanny.

What Pokemon type works best against murkrow?

Electric, Ice and Rock types work well against Murkrow. Murkrow's defaulted stats are ballanced, but each Murkrow will be slightly different depending on it's nature.

How effective is electric against rock Pokemon?

Electric-Type moves are ineffective, they don't even do damage against Rock-type, or even Ground-Type pokemon. Fighting, Grass, and Water is best when fighting Rock or Ground types.

Pokemon Emerald battle dome team?

the best team for battle dome in Pokemon emerald is a grass type(against swampert , and a rock type(against charizard and salamance)

What are good against bug Pokemon?

Fire, Rock, Poison, Ice, and Flying- type pokemon.

What is steel Pokemon good against?

Ice and Rock Pokemon