What is steel Pokemon good against?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ice and Rock Pokemon

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Q: What is steel Pokemon good against?
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Related questions

What Pokemon are good against steel?

Good against steel Pokemon are fire and water Pokemon.

What type of Pokemon are good against steel Pokemon?


How can you beat a steel type Pokemon on emerald?

A fire and a fighting type Pokemon is good against steel.

What is good against a steel type Pokemon?

fire type

What Pokemon are good against fighting?

Fighting Pokemon are good against Ice, Normal, Rock, Dark, and Steel Pokemon.

What Pokemon type is weak against steel?

Ice and Rock pokémon are weak against steel". Steel is weak against Fire, Fighting and Ground

What Type Are Strong Against Fairy Pokemon?

Poison and Steel type moves are good against Fairy type Pokemon.

Which type Pokemon is good against steel type?

Steel type Pokemon is super effective against: Ground, Fire, Fighting Steel type Pokemon are not effective against: Bug, Flying, Psychic, Ghost, Dark, Steel, Dragon, Grass, Normal, Ice, Rock. Steel type Pokemon are never effective by: Poison. Steel type Pokemon have a regular damage by (regular damage): Electric, Water. Hope this helps!

What does Fire Pokemon Defeat on Pokemon Diamond?

Fire types are good against Steel,Ice,Bug,and Grass Pokemon.

What is good against rock Pokemon?

Super-effective against rock: Water, grass, fighting, steel, ground Rock is not very effective against: Fighting, steel, ground

On Pokemon ruby what is Steel super effective against?

Steel is super effective against rock type pokemon.

What beats steel type Pokemon XandY?

pyruss/fire Fire, fighting, and ground is good against steel.