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Its good to use whatever Pokemon you bond with best. But I suggest you use a Rock type Pokemon, or a fire type. You can catch a Darkaruma (spelling?) in the Desert Resort, which works well against Burgh's Leavanny.

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Q: What Pokemon do you need to beat burgh in Pokemon black?
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Where to get the bike on Pokemon black?

easy, there is an old man he will need help and after you do want he wants he will give you the bicycle P.S this is set when you beat Burgh and you go to Nimbasa city

What Pokemon do you need beat n's sigiliph in Pokemon black?

Get a Sandile

What Pokemon do you need to beat cress in Pokemon black?

the pansage that the girl gives you at the dreamyard

How do you beat eilte four in Pokemon black?

you need about 7 revive and one Pokemon that is level hundred

How do you get to Kyuren in Pokemon Black?

You'll have to go to the giant chasm. But first you need to beat the game.

What Pokemon do you need to defeat gym leader burgh?

Any fire, ice, flying type should do well :):)

What type of Pokemon do you need to beat burgh?

Fire, rock, and flying types work the best. His Dweeble is part rock type so you may also want a water type. just don't use a water Pokemon against Leavanny cuz its part grass type.

How do you beat the Pokemon legue?

You need to beat the elite four and then beat the Pokemon league champion

How do you get Reshiram in Pokemon Black?

You will need to beat the elite four. Before fighting N he will allow you to catch Reshiram.

Were is the place on Pokemon soul silver to trade to Pokemon Black?

you need to trade from pokemon black... you need to beat the pokemon league and then you will find a lab. when you enter there is a crazy scientist asking you to transfer pokemon from past gens. you will need 2 ds's by the way. its very complicated... you should just use a action replay its much easier

What level do you need to beat elite four on Pokemon heartgold?

level 100 i am shaqib and i beat heartgold, dimond, platinum, black, white, all of them actually .

What Pokémon's do you use to beat elite four in Pokemon black?

you need a vullaby,darmanitan,serperior,buffalnt,deerling,and a heatmor