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No, you need to beat Red (on Mt. Silver) to get them. To get to Red, you need to beat the Kanto Gym Leaders. Red has high leveled pokemon, so watch out.


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Q: Do you need to beat the elite four to get a Hoenn starter in Pokemon heartgold?
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What can you do after beating the Elite Four in HeartGold?

You can go to Kanto and beat the Gym Leaders and Elite Four there. You can also get Kanto and Hoen starter Pokemon.

Where is a serviper on Pokemon HeartGold?

Basically, you can't get any hoenn (ruby+sapphire) Pokemon until you've defeated the Pokemon elite 4. If you have done this, then on certain days on the radio (Pokemon music) ben will say that it's hoenn sounds. I'm not sure where you catch them with hoenn sounds on, or if you can, but if not then migrate from ruby/sapphire/emerald.

How do you get Suicune in Pokemon ruby and Sapphire?

first you pick treeko as your starter. then you beat the elite four. then you look around hoenn forhim

Can you trade Pokemon from platinum to Pokemon heartgold before beating the elite four?

yes. that's how i made my ralts my main starter on ss

Where can be a good place to train Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

the elite 4

After you beet the elite four in HeartGold who does get the last Pokemon from professor elm?

There is no information regarding who receives the last Starter that wasn't selected that Professor Elm had as a choice for 1 of his Starter Pokémon.

Can you get Charmander in pokemon heartgold?

yes that is if u chose it when u finish your pokedex [Update] really all you need to do is beat all 16 gym leaders and the Pokemon league once after they're powered up. Also you can get a Hoenn starter from steven stone after beating the elite four he is at the silph co. building in saffron city. and you need to beat red

Where is the pat to go to the Hoenn on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't go to Hoenn on leafgreen, but after you beat the elite four you can trade with hoenn and go to the sevii islands. (all seven of them)

Pokemon HeartGold do you have to beat the elite four to get to kanto?


What is the poke radar in Pokemon Platinum?

Its a Pokemon Searcher that finds hoenn or johto Pokemon after you defeat the elite 4 and talk to Prof.Oak.

Can you go to Hoenn in diamond?

Unfortunately, you CAN'T go to the Hoenn region. You get a Hoenn starter by picking stones (red: Torchic blue: Mudkip green: Treecko) but the only two regions you can travel are Kanto and Johto.

How do you get moltres in Pokemon HeartGold?

Go to mt.silver after you beat the elite four