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Its a Pokemon Searcher that finds hoenn or johto Pokemon after you defeat

the elite 4 and talk to Prof.Oak.

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Q: What is the poke radar in Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you get poke radar in Pokemon Platinum?

To get the Poke Radar you gotta fill up the Sinnoh Pokedex, talk to the professor, and he will give you the National Pokedex and the Poke Radar.

How do you get a poke Radar in Pokemon platinum?

right after you get national dex

Where is the pokeradar in Pokemon Sapphire?

The Poke Radar is not available in Pokemon Sapphire. The Poke Radar is an item exclusive to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, X and Y.

How do you get bagon on platinum?

you can get bagon on Pokemon platinum on route 210 using poke radar

Where can you find Grimer in Pokemon Platinum?

Route 212 with the poke Radar

Where can you get Vibrava in Pokemon Platinum?

You can find it at route 228 with the poke radar

How do you get Bagon in Pokemon Platinum?

use poke radar on route 210

Where can you catch a duskull in Pokemon platinum?

Route 224 Poke Radar

In Pokemon platinum where do you get salemence?

you have to get a bagon on route 210 use poke radar

How do you get a chansey near harthome city on Pokemon platinum?

You use your Poke Radar.

Where do you find Loudred in Pokemon Platinum?

Mt.cornet use a poke radar (it is rare)

Where can you find a bagon in Pokemon platinum?

route 210 (use poke radar)