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No. You need to beat the Pokemon League IN the Platinum one.

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Q: Do you have to beat the elite four in Pokemon FireRed to migrate to platinum?
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How can you trade FireRed to platinum?

i think that you can migrate them to it but only after the elite 4

Can't migrate from Pokemon fire red to Pokemon Platinum or Pearl what should I do and in which game should I beat the elite four to migrate?

The first thing you have to be sure of is that you have beaten the Elite Four. Do that first!

In Pokemon Platinum how do you get into the Pal Park?

you have to migrate from a gba game and beat elite 4 get national dex

How many times do you beat the elite four in Pokemon platinum to migrate?

It doesnt matter how many times

How do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon FireRed to a ds?

You can migrate Pokemon by putting FireRed in the GBA slot of the DS and Diamond/Pearl in the DS game slot, and then starting up D/P and choosing the migrate option. This is only available however, after completing the Sinnoh PokeDex and beating the Elite Four.

If you start a new game on Pokemon platinum will you still be able to migrate?

only if you beat the elite four again

Where can you find a elekid at in Pokemon platinum?

Valley Windworks and Route 205 but you need to have Pokemon Firered in your GBA slot and beat the Elite Four.

What Pokemon do the elite four have in Pokemon Platinum?

Go to and search "Pokemon Platinum Elite Four

What do you do after you beat the elite four in Pokemon platinum?

Anything you like: 1. Complete PoKedex 2. Capture Dialga and Palkia 3. Migrate your entire steam from LeafGreen/FireRed/Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald 4. etc

How do you get ninetales in platinum?

Either trade someone for a Ninetales, or once you defeat the elite four migrate a Vulpix from one of Pokemon GBA (Firered, Leafgreen, Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald), and use a firestone of Vulpix to evolve it into Ninetales.

How does Pokemon FireRed end?

It ends when you defeat the champion of the elite four, and then you gotta catch em all. You can migrate your pokemon to Pokemon diamond, pearl, platinum, heartgold, or soulsilver, and then you can transfer those pokemon to pokemon black or white. After that, the game ends, but you can always start a new game with a different starter pokemon.

Where are the elite 4 in FireRed?

The elite four will be in the Pokemon league.

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