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You get it after you see all the Pokemon and talk to profeser elm and he gives it to you.Erm...

It's Professor Rowan, and yes, you get it after you've beaten the Elite Four and have seen every Pokemon in your Sinnoh Dex.

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Q: Were do you get the pokeradar to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?
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Were do you get the pokeradar to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby?

you can't get the pokeradar in Pokemon ruby

How do you get rare Pokemon with the pokeradar?

i don't know but for shiny Pokemon look for the shiny patch of grass with the pokeradar

How do you get all Pokemon shiny in diamond?

On youtube it said to use pokeradar in grass On youtube it said to use pokeradar in grass

What Pokemon do you find using pokerader in Pokemon Diamond?

the Pokemon you would normally find but with pokeradar you can get the shiny version of that Pokemon but that takes hours and there are some special rules for to get it. also pokeapp 20 is something you can use with using the pokeradar

How do you make a Pokemon shiny on Pokemon Diamond?

you cant MAKE a Pokemon shiny you have to catch it shiny. You can either chain Pokemon with the pokeradar or you can buy an action replay and add the shiny all Pokemon shiny code to it.I bought a n action replay ar for short or could by R4 card and download the diamond version pres secret buttom & cheat :)

Pokemon ruby shiny Pokemon?

Meeting a wild shiny Pokemon is around 1:8192 chance. However, on Diamond and Pearl, you can apparently get one more easily by using the Pokeradar in a specific way.

Can you get a shiny Pokemon pokeradar on Pokemon Pearl?

The pokeradar shows shinny Pokemon as a flashing white space in the grass.

What is a pokeradar and how do you get it in the Pokemon LeafGreen?

pokeradar is only at Pokemon pearl , diamond and platinum.

Where do you get the pokeradar to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You get the Poke-radar when you get the National Poke-dex. To get the National Dex, you need to see, not obtain, all of the sinnoh regioon pokemon.

How do you get shiny Pokemon on Pokemon pearl with action replay?

There is a code for Action Replay for shiny Pokemon with pokeradar. 1205E472 00002001 1st Find a patch of grass,use pokeradar,battle a Pokemon, then go to a shiny moving patch of grass.

Which Pokemon can you get using the PokeRadar in Pokemon Diamond?


How do you catch a shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

It's very hard to find a shiny Pokemon but if you use the PokeRadar and go to the shining patch of grass (if there is a shiny patch) you just might find one but don't get your hopes up 'cause I tried that many times and I never got a shiny Pokemon.