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pokeradar on route 222

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Q: How do you get flaffy Pokemon diamond?
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Where can you find a flaffy in Pokemon diamond?

Route 222 with pokeradar

What level does flaffy evolve on Pokemon diamond?

30 or 32

Where is Flaffy on Pokemon Diamond?

it is at route 222 just use your Pokemon rader and you will find atleast 1 i u can to

How do you get an flaffy on Pokemon diamond?

You need to use the pokeradar near sunyshore city. I have an Ampharos on Pokemon platinum! And, I made a Mareep egg!

Does flaffy evovle in Pokemon pearl?


Cleffa in Pokemon Diamond?

go to Mt.Corenet near Eterna City... always in Pokemon platinum, Pokemon pearl and Pokemon diamond.

How do you evolve flaffy in Pokemon pearl?

you level up

Does flaffy evolve in Pokemon Colosseum?

Yes. It should.

On what level does female Flaffy evolve in Pokemon SoulSilver?

female flaffy evolves at lv 36 the same as the malelevel 42

How do you get Flaaffy on Pokemon Diamond?

you cannot get flaffy, to get a flaffy you need to have Pokemon emerald version or Pokemon colosseum and in emerald you can catch a mareep which evolves into flaffy in the safari zone in the johto area you need the national dex, in colosseum there is a shadow mareep in the game.

Does flaffy evolve in Pokemon gold?

Yes it does. It evolves into Ampharos.

Where do you get the sheep Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can get Mareep on route 32 and flaffy on route 43