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The Pokeradar is not an option in Pokemon SoulSilver. The Pokeradar is only available on the Pokewalker accessory that came with your copy of Pokemon SoulSilver. Plus, the Pokeradar was introduced in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, not in Gold, Silver, or Crystal.

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Q: How do you get the pokeradar in soul silver?
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How do you get the pokerader in soul silver?

you cant get a pokeradar for ss or hg. bet the game and i dont have it at all

How do you get a pokeradar in Pokemon heart gold?

You don't get a poke radar in heart gold or soul silver. It's only in Diamond and Pearl.

How do you get feebas in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You can't, the only way is to transfer it from a Pokewalker. To do that, you have to have unlocked Quiet Cave, and Feebas will be one of the wild Pokemon that appear when you use the PokeRadar. Catch it, then transfer it to your SoulSilver.

Where is rock tunnel in soul silver?

in soul silver

Which of these is the real game that's coming out Pure Silver or Silver Soul?

Neither. The new game is called Soul Silver, not Silver Soul.

Where is enthrix city in soul silver?

no such thing not in soul silver

Can you get Articuno in silver?

As in soul silver? Yes you can is soul silver. At the bottom of seafoam islands.

Should you get Pokemon Soul Silver?

Soul silver is AWESOMENESS!! yes GET IT

Where is professor Rowen in soul silver?

Professor Rowan isn't in Soul silver

How do you get ice fossils in soul silver?

you can't ice fossils in soul silver

Where do you get the friend code in soul silver?

you don't have friend codes in soul silver.

How can you get the blue orb in soul silver?

you can't its only available in heart gold. Just like for soul silver you can only get the red orb in soul silver