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Son. His full name is Son Goku.

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Q: What is Gokus last name from Dragon Ball Z?
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Who is gokus mother on Dragon Ball Z?

The name of Goku's mother is Kanza.

What is gokus real name?

Goku's real birth name is Kakarot. He is one of the main characters of Dragon Ball.

What is gokus saiyan name from dragon vball z?


What is the last name of the Dragon Ball character Piccolo?

The last name of the Dragon Ball character Picolo is Daimao. Other characters in Dragon Ball include Vegata and Trunks. Another Dragon Ball character is Freeza.

What is the name of the finale episode on Dragon Ball not Dragon Ball Z?

The last episode on Dragonball is called "The end, The Beggining.

What is gokus last name?

goku's last name is son but in japan last name is said first (example: Son Goku,Son Gohan)

What is Freiza's last name in Dragonball?

if you see the manga fo dragon ball af the last name for freiza is harpon

Is gokus last name son?

No its how they call him in Japan Son-Goku -Giga Drill

What is Krillin's last name from Dragon Ball Z?

Lets just say its 18.

Who is the author of Dragon Ball Z?

ANSWER: Toriyama Akira (last name first in traditional Japanese style).

What is vegetas last name in Dragon Ball Z?

It is never known if Saiyans have last names or not because we are never told. This is the same with Vegeta.

What is the name on gokus dad?