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Headbutt dosn't come in a TM. You can teach a pokemon Headbutt by talking to a guy in a pink shirt in the Illex Forest. You can Headbutt trees (Like an HM) to find certain PoKeMoN.(It vairies where you Headbutt.)

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Q: Were can you find the TM headbutt in Pokemon SoulSilver?
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Is headbutt an TM or hm in Pokemon soulsilver?

it call headbutt and there is movetutor in ilex forest that teach it to you

Were to the TM headbutt in Pokemon platinum?

u cant it not tm :(

Where do you get TM headbutt in Pokemon LeafGreen?


Where do you get the TM zen-headbutt on Pokemon diamond?

Zen-Headbutt is not a TM, but its is a move that some Pokemon learn naturally. This move can also be trained by a move trainer for heart scales to your Pokemon.

Where to find TM thief in Pokemon soulsilver?

You can find TM Thief in Mahogany Town in the Rocket Hideout

Were to find all TM and hm in Pokemon soulsilver?


How does a Pokemon learn the move headbut in Pokemon soulsilver?

Headbutt can be found in the Ilex Forest. Talk to the man in the top right hand corner of the forest. He will give you the TM. Go to the TM part of your bag and click "use" to teach it to a Pokemon.

Where do you find the TM Brave Bird in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Brave Bird has never been a TM.

How do you get the TM zen headbutt in Pokemon soul silver?

Zen Headbutt is not a TM. It can be learned by leveling up, breeding, or by the Move Tutor.

Where do you get hypnosis in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Only certain Pokemon can learn it but you can't find the TM

Pokemon SoulSilver how to find headbutt?

You go to Ilex Forest, and you go in the forest and you see a fat guy, not near the exit but in the centre of the forest and will notice you, headbutt a tree and give you the TM02 Headbutt will be giben to you. Hope it helps!! ^.^"Somewhere in ilex forest is a guy near a tree talk to him and gives you the TM headbutt, also you can buy it at the goldenrod dept store only if you got the TM from the guy in ilex forest."~ Actually, this is slightly wrong. The man in Ilex Forest does not give you a TM for Headbutt; he asks you if you are willing to teach one of your Pokemon Headbutt directly.And as far as buying it in the Goldenrod Department store, I cannot find it there, so I'm not entirely sure about that; although I could be wrong.Regardless, I agree with the man in Ilex Forest who teaches Headbutt to your Pokemon.

How do you get the TM tackle in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Tackle is not a TM.