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Zen Headbutt is not a TM. It can be learned by leveling up, breeding, or by the Move Tutor.

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Q: How do you get the TM zen headbutt in Pokemon soul silver?
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What Pokemon can learn zen headbutt?

Slowbro can use Zen Headbutt.

How do you get the soul dew?

you have to get the engima stone event. then you go to petwer city and go to the mining museum. steven will be there talk to him and he will give you the soul dew. then go outside and latias or latios will be there depending on your game. it is level 40. in Pokemon heart gold it is a latios with protect, refresh, zen headbutt and luster purge. and in Pokemon soul silver it is a latias with water sport,refresh,mist ball and zen headbutt. hope this helped bye

Where do you get the TM zen-headbutt on Pokemon diamond?

Zen-Headbutt is not a TM, but its is a move that some Pokemon learn naturally. This move can also be trained by a move trainer for heart scales to your Pokemon.

When does latias learn zen headbutt in emerald?

it learns zen headbutt at level 40

Does bagon learn zen headbutt?

bagon learns zen headbutt at lv.37

Can you zen-headbutt a tree in Pokemon heartgold?

I've never tried, but I DON'T Think so. Why not try it? If not, there's a man in Ilex Forrest that will gladly teach your Pokemon 'headbutt'

How do you get zen headbutt?

Tragically, there is no TM to teach zen headbutt.

What level does cranidos learn zen headbutt?

I believe Cranidos learn Zen HeadButt at Lv.33. However, he learns Head Smash at Lv.43, 10 levels higher than it learns Zen HeadButt.

What level does Metagross learn Zen Headbutt?

at level 62

Is zen headbutt a psychic type move?

yes it is a pychic attack move.

How many blue shards do you need for the zen headbutt in Pokemon platinum?

4 blue shards i think teach it to a golduck or psyduck holding the mind plate it does 100 i think !

What is the best move set for Munchlax?

Rest, Sleep Talk, Earthquake, and Zen Headbutt.