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Q: Runescape which is better a battle axe or a scimmy?
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What is the best rune weapon for non members on runescape?

Rune Scimmy if you go for speed and what the def boost from the shield. Rune 2h for pure strength but slower speed. Rune Battle Axe for more strength then the scimmy alittle bit slower but can have a def with shield.

In runescape what quest do you need to do to be able to weild a dragon scimmy and a dragon battle axe?

Dragon scimitar--monkey madness monkey madness takes a deicent 30mins-1hr time! Dragon battleaxe--Heroes' Quest heroes' quest takes a deicent 2hrs!

Best weapon for someone with level 60 attack on runescape?

Dragon Dagger, Dragon Battle Axe, Dragon Longsword, Dragon Halberd ----------------- Mainly out of those, Dragon Dagger P++ and Dragon Battle Axe are best. EDIT. dragon claws are better.

Where are desert lizards in runescape?

you wear a corrupt battle axe andit appears in front of you

What is the best adamant 1 handed weapon on runescape?

The adamant battle axe and adamant scimitar are.

Do better axes do faster woodcutting in runescape?

yep, dragon axe is fastest axe in the game, the fire adze is same speed as dragon axe, but doubles up and a rune pickaxe at the same time, but the better the axe, the more pricey it is.

Can you use a battle axe to chop down trees in runescape?

No, you can strictly only use Hatchets or the Fire Adze.

Do you have to be a member in RuneScape to get a axe?


What better a gravite rapier or gravite 2h sword?

rapier=scimmy speed=weak(use on weak players)=does more dmg per sec on a 0 def creature=around rune longsword accuracy. 2h=battle axe speed=best weapon in rs for max hit if your not a mem=beats just by a bit with rune scimmy in dmg per second on a 0 def creature=bit better than abysal whip str but slow. i think that you have to specify oh what are you going to be using the weapon on in order to determine which is better.

How better is a rune hatchet from a dragon?

In Old School Runescape, the dragon axe is the second strongest and fastest Woodcutting axe in the game after the crystal axe, and is tied with the 3rd age axe. It is 10% more efficient at chopping logs than the rune axe. In the current Runescape, the dragon hatchet is approximately 5-10% more efficient at getting logs than the Rune hatchet.

Where to get adamant battle axe in runescape?

The best places to get one of these are:Port Sarim - Weapon Shop.Players - Grand Exchange, Trade.Various Monster Drops.

What quest in runescape do you need to do to be able to wield dragon mace?

Heroes quest, which also supplies you with the ability to weild a dragon battle axe.