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Dragon scimitar--monkey madness monkey madness takes a deicent 30mins-1hr time! Dragon battleaxe--Heroes' Quest heroes' quest takes a deicent 2hrs!

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Q: In runescape what quest do you need to do to be able to weild a dragon scimmy and a dragon battle axe?
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What quest in runescape do you need to do to be able to wield dragon mace?

Heroes quest, which also supplies you with the ability to weild a dragon battle axe.

Are there dragons in free to play RuneScape?

Most dragons are for paying members. The only dragon is the one for the quest Dragon Slayer. In the quest 'Dragon slayer' you have to kill a dragon named elvarg and after you have completed this quest your a ble to go back to crandor and battle elvarg as many times as you wish

How do you do dragon slayer quest on runescape?

I gave a link for you.

What is the dragon on runescape dragon slayer quest level?

his name is evlarg but his level is 83

Is there any freeto play quests after dragon slayer on runescape?

No, Dragon Slayer is the last quest you can complete without a Runescape membership.

What level are f2p dragons on runescape?

The only f2p dragon is the one from the quest "dragon slayer".

How do you get a dragon scimmy on runscape?

Complete the quest, 'Monkey Madness', then purchase one from Ape Atoll, or the monkey in Varrock Sword shop. It requires 60 attack to wield.

Do you have to finish dragon slayer quest in Runescape to wear rune armour?

no XD

How do you open the magic gate in the dwarven mine in runescape?

its for the quest dragon slayer

What are some online games like runescape?

dragon fable adventure quest

How do you do the dragon slayer quest on runescape?

I have placed a link below in the "Related Links" section that should help you with this quest.

What dragon weapons in runescape are there without doing mounkey madness quest?

Dragon claws, dragon spear, dragon 2h, dragon hatchet and dragon pickaxe don't require any quests to wield. Dragon daggers and dragon longswords require lost city quest, dragon mace and dragon battleaxe require heroes' quest, and dragon halberds require the regicide quest.