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To wear dragon items you need to beat certain quest for the weapon dragon dagger: lost city dragon longsword: lost city dragon battleaxe: heroes quest dragon mace: heroes quest dragon scimitar: monkey madness dragon spear: none dragon 2h: none dragon halberd: regicide

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Q: What quest on runescape do you have to do to wear dragon items?
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Do you have to finish dragon slayer quest in Runescape to wear rune armour?

no XD

Dragon slayer in RuneScape?

Yes it is a quest that requires 32 qp's and when u beat it u can wear a rune pl8body..

Do you have to do a quest to wear dragon platebodies?

No. There is no Quest to wear that.

How do you get rune platebody without doing dragon slayer quest?

lol, you can buy a rune platebody without doing dragon slayer quest but you cannot wear them!!My name in runescape is bleach cast1they also cost 65k

Do you have to do a quest for rune armor in runescape if not a member?

You have to do the quest Dragon Slayer. I believe this is only for the rune platebody - you can wear other pieces without doing quests, you only need a certain defense level.

In runescape can you wear dragon if you are a non member?

You can't, except for the corrupt items, but they only last 30 minutes for a very expensive price (200k~ 1m)

Do you have to wear the saradomin armour doing the quest or wear it freely that runescape?

The Rune Platebody requires defense level 40, and the completion of the quest "Dragon Slayer". Since Saradomin Platebody - part of the Saradomin armour - is basically the same as Rune Platebody, I assume you'll need the same requirements.

Runescape what levels do you need for quest cape?

its not a certein level that you need you have to complete all the quests if you do do this and a new quest comes out you cant wear it until you do that quest

Is rune chainbody the same defense bonus as rune platebody in rs?

The rune platebody is a very essential part of a f2p runescape player. Any runescape f2p player over level 45 combat should have don't the Dragon Slayer quest, therefore having the right to wear the Rune platebody. For that quest information and any other quest information you need, I suggest strongly to go to link below

What armor should you use in RuneScape?

well it depends if you are free and can wear rune but if your member and can wear dragon (be warned expensive!!)

What drops dragon platebody on RuneScape?

Monsters don't drop the actual platebody, but they drop pieces: One piece that is needed to make the platebody is received through the reward of the While Guthix Sleeps quest. The others are dropped by Tormented demons. You do not have to start/finish the quest to wear the platebody.

Can you be a dragon on adventure quest worlds?

No. You can wear different armours, but you are still a human.