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You cannot wear any armour into daemonheim unfortunately. Inside the activity you will receive armour. Hope this helps :)

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Q: What items are you not allowed to wear into daemonheim in runescape?
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Do you lose items in Soul Wars?

i was scared my first time lol you cannot wear capes <.< but no you do not lose your stuff. :)

Can you wear a Halloween mask as a free player in runescape?

yes you can wear it as a free player in runescape and if you get a mask good on you

In runescape can you wear dragon if you are a non member?

You can't, except for the corrupt items, but they only last 30 minutes for a very expensive price (200k~ 1m)

What is item banking?

In the game of RuneScape, this refers to leaving items in your bank. You would do this because (1) your regular inventory only has 28 spaces, the bank has much more; and (2) items left in your bank are safe. If you die, you'll lose items in your inventory and items you wear (except for the three most valuable items, usually), but you won't lose items that are in your bank.

In RuneScape can girls wear black ele?

In RuneScape there are usually no gender-related restrictions, i.e., a girl can wear anything a boy can wear. The real restriction for "elite" stuff is that it is members-only.

Can free users of RuneScape wear skillcapes?

No, sorry.

How do you wear hard leather on runescape?

get 10 defense, then buy your hard leather, and then you can wear it.

Do you need defence to wear tokhaar-kal cape in runescape?


How do you look awesome in runescape?

Wear expensive members clothing.

What are eights allowed to wear to show their growing maturity?

they're allowed to wear clothes.

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You can't "wear" a cat but you can drop it so it follows you around like a pet.

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What are duped items.