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The best thing to wear in runescape for non-members is usally nothing or something light that offers some protection and for members will be some special event clothes with boots of lightness.

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Q: What is an best thing to wear with woodcutting runescape?
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Runescape does armor affect woodcutting ability?

No, armour does not affect woodcutting, only the hatchet you use, the tree you chop, and your woodcutting level affecct the results of woodcutting. Unless, of course, you are wearing or using special amulets, etc. However,I have not yet found an amulet of woodcutting.

What is the best amour in RuneScape?

The best armor to wear in Runescape I would say is Bandos, mainly because a nice combination on Strength bonuses with Defense.

What armor should you where if you are a level 78 woodcutting and are cutting magic trees on runescape?

Ask yourself, why would you need to wear armour for woodcutting, the random event where you get attacked has mainly been taken away. But if you plan on looking nice, look around at other wc'ers and find out for yourself. Where whatever you want I guess. I don't care about impressing anyone, so I just wear my camo top and bottoms. ((R.S. = britmac2005))

How do you be cool on RuneScape?

I didn't know there was coolness in runescape, it's just an online MMORPG that is there just for something to do when you are bored. well that guy not cool then. so really you must level up high, make hundreds of friends, help low levels so they like you, wear rune or some thing (if you cant wear some thing high level and the rest is up to the people of runescape. myadda from runescape im myadda on runescape.

What armor is best for a member with 1 defense on runescape?

the only two you can wear are bronze and iron

What is the best costume in RuneScape?

Lots of people have different opinions on what best to wear in Runescape, but IMHO I would say that wearing the saradomin robes set with a blue h ween mask and a prayer cape.

What armor should is best for you on runescape member with 51 defense?

Granite armor is the best armor to wear with 51 defence members.

Can you wear a Halloween mask as a free player in runescape?

yes you can wear it as a free player in runescape and if you get a mask good on you

RuneScape what is the best armor for the darkbow?

Full Black Dragonhide if you can wear it, if not red dragonhide - but the best I would say is Full Void ( Range ).

Runescape the best armor for the darkbow?

Full Black Dragonhide if you can wear it, if not red dragonhide - but the best I would say is Full Void ( Range ).

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