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In Pokemon Yellow, the lift key is in the Rocket Hideout under the Celadon Game Corner. One of the Team Rocket Grunts will mention the Lift Key before you fight him. Once you defeat him, he will drop the Lift Key. He should be in the northwest room on the 4th floor down (B4F).

To get to the Rocket hideout, you need to use the switch behind a poster.

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Q: Pokemon Yellow where to find lift key for team rocket?
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Where is the lift door in sylph co In pokemon yellow?

You get it from a rocket from the rocket hideout in Celadon city.

What does the lift key do that team rocket dropped on Pokemon Yellow?

It allows you to use the elevator in the Rocket Hideout, which allows you to reach Giovanni at the end of the hideout.

Where do you get the lift key on Pokemon FireRed?

You can find the Lift Key in the Team Rocket Hideout on Pokemon FireRed. It is dropped by a Grunt on basement floor 4 after defeating him.

Were do you find the lift key in Pokemon Blue version?

To get the lift key, talk to one of the Rocket trainers you have already beaten. He will drop the key, then you can pick it up.

Where is the lift in the rocket hideout in Pokemon leaf green?

The lift is on basment floor 2 but the key is on basement floor 3.

Where is the lift key in Pokemon Fire Red?

In the rocket game corner head to B3 a rocket in the corner will lose the lift key after you beat him take it then operate the lift on B2 then go to B4 beat the rockets then the rocket leader take the silph scope then leave head to lavendar town and in Pokemon tower head to the top and save mr fuji talk to him to get the pokeflute.

How do you get the lift key in Pokemon FireRed?

fight the team rocket grunt in the corner and he'll drop it so you can get it

How do you get the lift key in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

You have to battle all those Team Rocket grunts first. The Last One will drop the lift key.

Lift key Pokemon LeafGreen?

u use the lift key to access the lift in the team rocket hideout which is located in the game center in celedon open team rocket's hideout push the button behind the lift.hope that helps :-)

Where do you go after you get the lift keyin Pokemon firered?

u go to any elevator in the team rocket hideout and it will work

How does a rocket achieve lift?

A rocket achieves lift by pushing back the air column

Where is the lift key in Pokemon Yellow?

In the game corner you'll beat a man the the lift key will appear next to him. Hope this helps.