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In the rocket game corner head to B3 a rocket in the corner will lose the lift key after you beat him take it then operate the lift on B2 then go to B4 beat the rockets then the rocket leader take the silph scope then leave head to lavendar town and in Pokemon tower head to the top and save mr fuji talk to him to get the pokeflute.

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Q: Where is the lift key in Pokemon Fire Red?
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What do you do with the lift key on Pokemon Red?

use the lift key to use the lift

How do you get to floor 5 in the silph co on fire red?

take the stairs or the lift if you have the lift key

How do you get the elevator key for Team Rockets Hideout on Pokemon Fire Red Version?

You beat a grunt, and when you beat him he drops the LIFT KEY and you can use it to get to the top floor and face Giovanni ;D

Can you delete key items Pokemon fire red?

you can't delet key items in any Pokemon games.

Where is the key to the gym in the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon fire red?

it is on the B1 floor, on the table.

Where is Key to 7 gym leader fire red?

you find it in the Pokemon mansion

How do you open the 7th gym in Pokemon fire red?

You can find the key to unlock the door in Pokemon mansion

How do you get the secret key in the pokemon mansion in pokemon fire red?

There is a basement lab with a bunch of scientist and wild ditto, there is an item ball with the key in it.

How do you fight Giovanni in saffron city in fire red?

its in the tower in saffron city at the end you go to the 3rd floor (you need lift key which you get it on one of the floors) use a lift key fight your rival pass the guy who gives you a Pokemon (lapras) go pass him and then your going to have to fight Giovanni

How do you get into the 7th gym leader door in Pokemon fire red?

You need the secret key found in Pokemon mansion.

How do you trade key items on Pokemon fire red?

Key items are impossible to trade or remove, except to Pokémon Colosseum.

How do you unlock the gym leader castle for Blaine in Pokemon fire red?

You have to go into Pokemon mansion. Find the key in the basement.