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You beat a grunt, and when you beat him he drops the LIFT KEY and you can use it to get to the top floor and face Giovanni ;D

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Q: How do you get the elevator key for Team Rockets Hideout on Pokemon Fire Red Version?
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What do you do after going to team rocket hideout in Pokemon firered version?

go to silph co

Where can you find the key for the elevator to get to the boss in Pokemon yellow version?

In pikachu's snatch

What Pokemon are given to you as gifts in sapphire version?

well i now a Pokemon, it's called Morpheus. You get it from the first team aqua hideout

Where is Team Magma's hideout on Pokemon Sapphire version?

The Magma Base doesn't exist in Sapphire Version, but the team Aqua's Base is located outside of Lilycove City.

How do you get the rocket guy to move in saffron city at the gym in Pokemon red version?

clear out the rockets in celadon city

Where is Pryce in Pokemon Silver version?

You'll need to team up with Lance and defeat Team Rocket's Hideout and then he'll be in the Gym waiting for you.

How you open the elevator in Pokemon Blue version?

You're in team rocket base, right? If you are then keep defeating people until one says "whoops I dropped it" then you pick it up and there you have it you can use the elevator.

How do you get to mossdeep in emerald version?

You most surf from lilycove city after you have beaten team aqua in their hideout, and the wailmers or whatever pokemon that was in the way will go away.

Where to get a lapras in gold version?

in the hideout of teamrocket

Where do you find the lengedary Pokemon pearl in pearl version?

okay if you want to get palkia you have to go to mt. coronet after rescuing azelf ,mespirit, and uxie in the galactic hideout.

How do you put marowak's spirit to rest in fire red version pokemon?

Get the Silph Scope from the Celadon Rocket Hideout, then ascend to the top of the Pokemon Tower. Then, you'll be able to identify Marowak and defeat it to lay it to rest.

How do you get 99 master balls in Pokemon emerold?

get the first master ball from aqua's hideout outside of lilycove.. and then use the "cloning" glitch available in any emerald version :)