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take the stairs or the lift if you have the lift key

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Q: How do you get to floor 5 in the silph co on fire red?
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How do you get into silph co top floor in fire red?

go on an elevator

Where is the moonstone on silph co in Pokemon fire red?

on the second floor

Where can you get master balls in pokemon firered?

there is only one (1) master ball in Pokemon fire red. It can be obtained on the 11th floor of Silph co.

Where do you find Sylph Co in Pokemon Fire Red?

The Silph Co is in Saffron city.

Where is the silph co building on Pokemon fire red?

safron city

How do you defeat Silph Co president in fire red?

You use pokemon....

Where is gary in Silph Co in pokemon fire red?

in celadon city

Where is slip co in firered?

Silph co is in Saffron City in Fire red, Just like every other Pokemon game that you can access Silph Co in

Masterball Pokemon FireRed?

You can get a Master Ball at Silph Co. from the Silph Co. President after you beat Giovanni.

Where is the silph co in Pokemon fire red?

in safforn city the tall building their

How do you get to the top of the silph co in Pokemon fire red?

Go up the elevator.

Where do you get the card key at Silph Co on pokemon LeafGreen?

On the 5th floor of silph co.