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Muk is the better pokemon

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Q: Pokemon Which one is better muk or nidoking?
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What are good Pokemon to have in heart gold?

There are lots of good pokemon. Some are: Crobat, golem, steelix, victreebal, gengar,poliwrath, gyrados, hypno, alakazam, forretress( dont hate me for that one), nidoqueen and nidoking,yanmega, scizor, muk, granbull, ninetales, arcanine, etc.

How do you get nidoking in pokemon leafgreen?

get a nidoran (purple one) train it until it evolves into Nidorino, then give it a Moon Stone. You should get a Nidoking.

Which is better nidoqueen or nidoking?

Well Nidoking does look cooler then Nidoqueen however it depends on what level Nidoking and Nidoqueen are so basicaly it all comes down to level, strenght, defense and speed then you will know which Pokemon is stronger.P.S It doesn't realy matter to be honest which ones stronger or faster or anything realy, it depends aswell which one you like best hope this helpsfrom: Pokemon Wizard

Where is Grimer in Pokemon Emerald?

You find Grimer in the Fiery Path. They are rare is it may seem that they are not there but they are. Its worth the time getting Grimer then evolving it to Muk, because Muk is probably one of the stronger Poison type Pokemon that are in Emerald!

How do you get more than one Castform?

If you breed with a list of Pokemon (which includes Muk) then you can get a baby castform.

Is this a balanced team for Pokemon HeartGold Muk Metagross Tyranitar Kingdra Dusknoir Lapras?

Yes. Maybe you could replace muk with one of the starters. Typhlosion would be best

Where do you catch muk in firered?

Muks are rare to find in the wild, but if you are lucky you will be able to catch one in the Pokemon Mansion in Cinnabar Island. You can also catch a Grimmer instead and raise it to level 38, then it will evolve to Muk.

What is the best pomemon to use to defeat Pokemon trainer red?

nidoking, one that knows earthquake, and horn drill, and zapdos knowing thunder, pikachue snorlax and venasaur will be massacared by nidoking's earthquake, charizard blastoice and lapras will be killed by thunder

Can you get nidoking in Pokemon Ruby?

You can't get one in ruby sapphire and emerald (unless if you use a gameshark) but you can trade it from leaf green and fire red

Who should my 6th Pokemon be in Pokemon white My team is Nidoking Garchomp Gengar Weaville and Deino I was thinking of using Starmi Poliwrath or Alakazam but is there a better one if so who?

the best would be zekrom because legends have good stats if he is gone then i would recommend catching coballion at milastraiton cave

Best Pokémon team?

One opinion regarding the best Pokemon team is most of the Legendaries such as Shaymin Sky Forme, Arceus, Giratina, Heatran, Palkia and Darkrai. Another opinion is that Glaceon, Nidoking, Pikachu and Zapdos is at least part of one of the better teams.

Is there any one hit KO's in Pokemon?

nidoking or queen can learn horn drill in Pokemon red and kyogre learns sheer cold once you catch him and groudon learns fissure once you catch him