Where is Grimer in Pokemon Emerald?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You find Grimer in the Fiery Path. They are rare is it may seem that they are not there but they are. Its worth the time getting Grimer then evolving it to Muk, because Muk is probably one of the stronger Poison type Pokemon that are in Emerald!

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Q: Where is Grimer in Pokemon Emerald?
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What leve does a grimer evolve into a muk in Pokemon emerald?

grimer evoles at level 32 to muk because i have 10

Can you find grimer in Pokemon emerald?

There is no day. To get grimer in Pokemon emerald go fiery path . In there go to the middle of the place . There you use streanth in that area you get grimer Actually you don't need strength to get Grimer. I found mine right when i entered the cave in the first place.

Where do you catch Muk in Pokemon Emerald?

you can't catch muk in emerald but you can catch grimer in the fiery path and get him to level 30 and he will evolve in to muk okay

Where can catch grimer in Pokemon emerald?

You can catch one at Fiery Path. It's a common Pokemon, so you won't have trouble finding one.

Is grimer on Pokemon FireRed?

Yes, Grimer can be caught in Pokemon Fire Red.

Who evolves before grimer in Pokemon?

Grimer does not have a pre-evolution. The Pokemon before Grimer in the PokeDex is Dewgong, evolution of Seel.

Is there an easy way to catch grimer in emerald?


Pokemon diamond how to catch grimer?

grimer is in route 212

How does Grimer evolve in Pokemon?

For Grimer to evolve, get him to level 38.

Is grimer a rare Pokemon?


Where can you find grimer in Pokemon emerald?

Safari zone, but I can't remember which area. Probably swamp. Hope I helped!

Where do you get grimer in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In your heart