Pokemon Emerald save problem

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Download vituralboy advance and download pkm emerald rom

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Q: Pokemon Emerald save problem
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How do you get the pokedex in Pokemon emerald?

save prof. birch

How do you transfer the rainbow pass from Pokemon fire red to Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon save

How do you get Pokemon emerald to save?

it probably doesn't save because it is the fake version or a gba ROM.

How do you save prof birch from the wild Pokemon in emerald?

in route 101

Can you get an old save back on Pokemon Emerald?

No.Once you saved another place on Pokemon Emerald , you cant go back to where you saved last time

How do you mirgate Pokemon?

After you beat the Elite 4 go to Pal Park and save. Insert a Pokemon Emerald game and on the menu it says "Migrate from Emerald" go there. It shows all the PC Pokemon from Emerald. Choose 6 Pokemon and try to catch them!

Where is a good Pokemon emerald that doesnt break down and save's correctly?


How do you bring back a loss save data in Pokemon emerald?

Sorry but you can't.

How do you delete saved data in Pokemon emerald?

make a new file and save it

How do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon emerald to pokemom platinum?

You need the National Dex before you can migrate. Go to Pal Park, save the game, get the Pokemon you want to migrate in the PC, save again, play Platinum and at the menu it will say migrate from Emerald. Im the Pokemon expert. you are very lucky.

I just downloaded VBA and I downloaded Pokemon emerald but everytime I try to save it pops up with a little error thing and then it doesn't save also it says that the battery has run dry what do i do?

if it will not let you proceed then you will have to download a new pokemon emerald, you can do that at

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald in the Pokemon center?

have a gba cable,go to the top floor,go to third counter,push "trade center" and have someone else with Pokemon Emerald,Ruby,Sapphire then trade. "but will save before entering."