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figure it out, its a little complicated, fight Wallace BUT save before him, when u find out his pkmn then do it!

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Q: What is best against Wallace on Pokemon emerald?
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What Pokemon are best against Wallace?

Electric Pokemon, and Grass Pokemon are good against water

Which Pokemon are best for beating Wallace on Pokemon emerald?

Gardevior psychic on tentacruel thunderbolt on the rest except whiscash use Breloom

Pokemon Emerald battle dome team?

the best team for battle dome in Pokemon emerald is a grass type(against swampert , and a rock type(against charizard and salamance)

Who is the best mated Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?


Which is the best Pokemon to deafeat May on Pokemon Emerald?

It depends on what Pokemon you chose as your starter. Usually, finding the weaknesses of the Pokemon you're facing and using them against it will nab you a win. Usually.

What is the best Pokemon for emerald?


What is the best Pokemon game made?

Pokemon snap or Pokemon emerald

How do you get a dusclops on Pokemon emerald?

you evolve a duskull at lvl 37 one of the best ghost Pokemon on emerald

Which is the best Pokemon to deafeat may in Pokemon emerald?


Is Rayquaza a good pokemon?

yes he is probably the best pokemon in pokemon emerald

What is the best Pokemon region?

the best Pokemon region is hoenn { ruby,Sapphire,emerald }

What is the best flying Pokemon in emerald?