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you evolve a duskull at lvl 37

one of the best ghost Pokemon on emerald

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Q: How do you get a dusclops on Pokemon emerald?
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Dusclops in Pokemon Emerald?

sky pillar or evolve a duskull

Which Pokemon can learn foresight Pokemon emerald?

A list of Pokemon that can learn foresight is:VenonatVenomothMachopMachokeMachampHitmonleeHoothootNoctowlYanmaMudkipMarshtompSwampertSableyeDuskull Dusclops

Where do you get dusclops in pokemon emerald?

you evolve it from duskull or catch it in tower with the two orbs

What level does dusclops evolve in Pokemon emerald?

Dusclops is a ghost Pokemon with an 11.8% catch rate. Dusclops evolves into Dusknoir beginning at level 37. In order to evolve, it must be traded while holding the Reaper Cloth.

What Pokemon can learn shadow ball in Pokemon emerald?

misdreavus you can get this from Pokemon leafgreen. Or shuppet/banette can learn it and even duskull/dusclops. gastly and all evolves can to

What level does duskull evolve at in Pokemon emerald?

Duskull will start to evolve into Dusclops once it hits Level 37.

What type of Pokemon is Dusclops?

Dusclops is a Ghost type pokemon.

Where can you catch haunter in Pokemon emerald?

You can't catch a Haunter in Emerald. You can trade for one, you can find a Duskull/Dusclops at MT Pyre, but you can't straight out find a wild Haunter.

In Pokemon Platinum how do you obtain Dusclops?

The easiest way is to migrate it from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. or go to sendoff spring and see it wild

When does Duskull evolve on Pokemon Emerald?

It evolves to Dusclops at level 37. Note that you can't evolve Dusclops further into Dusknoir in this game, because Dusknoir wasn't introduced until the 4th generation games (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum).

What is Pokemon 190 in Pokemon Platinum?

it is dusclops

How do you get dusclops in pokemon diamond?

you have to catch a duskull on route 224 and raise him to get dusclops