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Q: What is the best flying Pokemon in emerald?
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Where is the best place to train a flying Pokemon in emerald?


What is the best Pokemon emerald team with Torchic as starter?

-Azumarill -Magnetric -Breelom -(A flying pokemon) -(a normal, fighter or psychic)

What is the best HM slave in Pokemon emerald?

evolve a zigzagoon into linoone as in its best known as and hm slave... rest are useful... such as fly for a flying pokemon dive for a water pokemon etc...

What would the best type of Pokemon to beat the sixth gym leader on Pokemon emerald?

Winonna is the 6th gym leader and she uses flying type Pokemon. I'd suggest using a Pokemon with electric or flying type attacks.

What type of Pokemon is raquaza in emerald?

Dragon and flying

Catching a flying Pokemon on emerald?

yes you can. try any area you will find a flying Pokemon. if that's what you meant.

What are good Pokemon for the flying gym in emerald?

electric,fire and rock

How do you defeat brawley in Pokemon emerald?

He's fighting type? Use psychic or flying pokemon.

What attacks does an Armaldo have on Pokemon emerald?

It is a flying Pokemon that has 4 arms 2 heads and YOu stink

What do you after you beat the Pokemon flying gym leader in Pokemon Platinum?

None of the gym leaders use Flying-type pokemon. If you want to face a Flying-type gym, you can battle against Winona in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and the ORAS remakes. She’s located on the southwestern side of Fortree.

Who is winona in Pokemon emerald?

The gym leader of Fortree City's gym...Specializes in flying type Pokemon

Who is the best mated Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?