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well you have to save your masterball until you get the battle frontier then you give a Pokemon to the master ball then you put it in the cloning chamber

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Q: How do you get 999 masterball in Pokemon emerald?
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How do you activate the 999 masterball cheat on Pokemon Platinum actionreplay?

how do you get the 999 masterball cheat for Pokemon platinum actionreplay

Is there a cheat code to get 999 master balls in Emerald?

I don't know. But you can clone any Pokemon you want by giving him a masterball.

How do you gwt 999x masterball in pearl no actoin replay?

Migrate a Pokemon from emerald, ruby or sapphire that has a masterball as an item (if you don't know how to get many masterballs in emerald Google it and you will see how easy it is) Hope this helps!

Where do you get a second masterball in Pokemon emerald?

In the Lilycove Lottery.

What do you get when you win the lottery in Pokemon Emerald?

I think a masterball

Pokemon Emerald masterball cheat?

if u use any masterball cheat u get bad egg in Pokemon PC

Where do you get a 999 master on Pokemon diamond DS?

you have to have action replay ds and you have to find the 999 masterball code online

How do you get infinity masterball in Pokemon Silver?

you cant get infinity but you can get 999 with the cheat device

Can you get 999 master balls in Pokemon diamond?

yes u hav to clone ur masterball (if you havent used it yet) it ruby, sapphire, or emerald and give it to the Pokemon u want to migrate to diamond and vuala

How many masterballs are in Pokemon Emerald?

One masterball is in Pokemon emerald. To find out more go to my site called

Can you get more then one masterball Pokemon emerald?

Yes you can, by winning them at the lottery.

Can you get more than one master ball in Pokemon emerald?

if you clone a masterball