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make a new file and save it

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Q: How do you delete saved data in Pokemon emerald?
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Can you get old saved data in Pokemon emerald?

You can't

How do you delete all data on Pokemon Emerald?

Start a new game and when you save it will say that there is another saved file do you wish to replace it? Click A on yes. The other file will not be there but your new one will. Note: You can not have two saved users on Pokemon Emerald or any other game of Pokemon for GBA or GBA SP or Nintendo DS.

How do you delete saved data on pokemon white?

Press L+R+Select.

Pokemon emerald How do you erase mi data?

If you want to clear all saved data, press B, Up and Select at the same time... but what i always did is hold B, then hold UP then press Select, and they will ask: Clear all saved areas? Then if you press yes you can delete your data

How do you delete your data on my Pokemon Ranch?

You delete a Pokemon Ranch data by: First, you go to Wii settings. Then, you go to save data. After, go to Wii & SD Card. Then, go to saved data. Finally, click the Pokemon Ranch icon.

Why does Pokemon Emerald always start a new game?

My Pokemon emerald doesnt save aswell does yours say the the saved data has been deleted? or/and The saved data has been deleted due to corruption or damage? plz email me back

How do you clear all saved data in Pokemon emerald?

First you start a new game and then just save over your old saved game.

What happens when you restart Heart Gold Soul Silver?

You will delete all of your saved data Pokemon and items

How can iclone more Pokemon?

I think you have to Takeout the Pokemon Game when It is saving BUT! It Can delete your Saved data so it's Quite risky

How do you erase all Pokemon emerald saved game data?

you just have to press L+Up+B+select

How do you delete a saved file in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness?

Go to exploration record at the main menu and choose delete save data.

Why won't Pokemon Heart Gold Version delete saved data?

At the main menu with the Pokemon screen press up select and b